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About One Of A Kind Yarns

I grew up underneath the knitting machine and the colorful yarns my mother used for making her articles always attracted me, after my school years I did fine art,jewelry design and fashion design, but I always had a passion about yarn and I met Jean Napier the knitting icon of South Africa and she inspired me to take my spinning and yarn painting to a higher level and my work is shown and up for sale in this shop.

Every skein of yarn in One of a kind Yarns is hand manipulated either by dying or spinning or both, if any impurities are in the yarns you should know it is part of the authenticity of the handcrafted product we deliver. Nothing are mass produced at One of a kind Yarns, I am just an artist we is living out my passion.Unfortunately I don’t do orders as I feel then it becomes a work and I shall be killing my passion.

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