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How do I purchase your yarn?
Oneofakindyarns is sold via during shop updates only. The shop remains empty between updates.
When is the next shop update?
Shop update dates are announced here on the website homepage and on Facebook and Instagram a few days in advance. I work from home and I try to keep a balance, once a collection of colourways is complete to my artistic feel the shop is then updated.

When I add a new collection to the website, I post about it on Instagram and Facebook the yarn is then sold first-come-first-serve.

Sold out..
Oneofakindyarns is a small home based business, the amount of admin that goes with each skein are done by one person so does the dye, wash, winding, labeling and photography of each skein one person handling everything about it. Skeins are not mass produced in a factory.
I had skeins in my cart but couldn't check out?
Skeins are only reserved once an order was successfully checked out and paid for. While in the cart, the stock can sell out. In this case, it will not be possible to check out an order until the sold out items were removed from the cart.
Do you ship to my country?
Oneofakindyarns ships worldwide via DHL door-to-door couriers, a reliable service with comprehensive online tracking. Shipping within South Africa is via Aramex.

International parcels will be billed separately via PayPal as the shipping charge are not included on the shop for international orders, once that payment is received the parcel will be shipped.

How much does shipping cost to countries outside of South Africa?
NO VAT and NO import taxes/duties are included – where applicable, these charges will be payable by the receiver to the authorities in their country.

Annual DHL rate increase on January 1st of each year.
February 2022: To ship a parcel containing between 1-14 skeins via DHL couriers:
USD41 – Africa, Western & Central Europe
USD59 – Eastern Europe, Middle East, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, Japan, Asia Pacific, Canada & South America
Larger parcels are charged according to the weight and volumetric size of the parcel.

Certain addresses to countries where DHL have less coverage (especially to Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Japan) or addresses in outlaying areas will attract a “remote area surcharge” of USD28. This will be billed for separately via Paypal. if you are living a little off the beaten track, please do expect this. Surcharged parcels are only shipped once full payment was received.

What about VAT, import taxes, duties and any related fees?
The pricing on Oneofakindyarns does NOT include VAT. EU customers please be aware that new VAT rules for e-commerce came into effect on 1 July 2021, and it can be expected that VAT will now be payable on the arrival of your parcel.
Can multiple orders be combined?
Yes, I do combine multiple orders into one parcel when possible and the refund if any are then communicated between me and the client.
How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered?
Typically parcels to Europe and the US are delivered within a few days and within 2 weeks to most other destinations. Full tracking is available via the DHL website.
Can I visit your store? I am visiting KwaZulu-Natal soon, can I place an order?
I do not have a brick and mortar shop, the yarn is sold via the website at shop updates only. I do not take pre-orders or custom orders.
Do you take pre-orders?
No, unfortunately the way I create the yarn is a non repeatable process so there’s not a fixed recipe and that makes it difficult to put out any pre-orders
Is Oneofakindyarns available via other stores / I own a yarn shop, can I stock your yarn?
Oneofakindyarns is sold ONLY through at shop updates. I am not able to stock other stores at this time.
Can multiple orders be combined?
Yes, I do combine multiple orders into one parcel when possible and the refund if any are then communicated between me and the client.
When will a certain colourway be available again?
Because Oneofakindyarns are so unique the collection for each shop update varies, which unfolds as the artistic inspiration comes and our colorways differ quite a lot from batch to batch!